Robb Nash

Today was a very interesting day for the students of Sudbury Secondary School, myself (Alyssa Lashbrook), included. During our first period class, everyone was brought into the auditorium for a presentation which most students probably thought it was  going to be something that most of us have already seen many times in our high school careers. Instead when we walked in, on our stage were chairs, drums, guitars, and microphones. On the screen was the name Robb Nash. Not really knowing what we were all about to witness, we sat down and continued our conversations. After the band was introduced, a short video played telling the story of who Robb was and what had happened to him. After that Robb came out and talked about the accident in which the first responders pronounced him dead at with a fractured skull. In a crazy series of events, he awoke and is now using this ‘second chance’ at life to help the lives of others who have the chance to change their own lives.

Robb, and his fellow bandmates, Jonny Holliday, and Bryan Beach have all went through their own rollercoaster events and choices, but they are now able to travel to schools, prisons, and many other places to provide others with their presentation on how each person has the strength to overcome their pain and the obstacles that burden them. With a wide array of songs and stories the ‘Robb Nash Project’ has helped countless people to see their own strength.

Robb, Jonny, Bryan, and other pervious bandmates have all been able to turn their struggles into something that they can use to inspire, motivate and change the lives of others with.

Robb will continue to do what he believes in, because as he says, he has found the reason WHY he does WHAT he does.

Here at Rolling Music Reviews, I wish Robb and his bandmates all the best and that they continue to do what they do, and continue to make a change in others lives.

To check Robb Nash out,

Official Website:

Facebook: Robb Nash 

Twitter: Robb Nash

If you ever need any help, someone to talk to, or just a comforting word, be sure to call or message Kids Help Phone:


Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Rock On!

Alyssa Lashbrook (Rolling Music Reviews)


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