Patrick Ballantyne – What’s A Girl To Do? Featuring The Oh Chays – Single Review

Canadian talent is emerging from all corners of the internet in today’s social society, and musician Patrick Ballantyne is making his way into the music scene at a rapid pace. Ballantyne has not only released two studio albums in his career, but this year he has started a project called “Hit A Month.” This project focuses on him releasing a single every month, and on August 25, 2015, he released the eighth single for this year called, “What’s A Girl To Do?” featuring The Oh Chays.

This latest single is very upbeat and has many similar sound aspects to The Beatles from 1969. But while the song is upbeat and gives the illusion of a feel good country ballad, the lyrics talk about something that is the complete opposite of joyful. The song begins with the lyrics, “What’s a girl to do? / Dressed in her Sunday best / You pick the Lord’s Day to confess / What did it prove?” Confessing the fact that she was unfaithful, without thinking of what it would actually prove to everyone. The second verse talks more about how saying sorry doesn’t mean much anymore once you have committed the act. “We slept in separate beds so willingly / This voice inside my head is killing me, chilling me,” it was so easy for them to separate themselves at night while the voice in his head playing over the events and thinking of how everything has played out. The last verse goes on to talk about how the home they had together is now divided and how she hasn’t decided what she wants nor do they know what will happen next. The song repeats a few of the verses over again before finishing with some high notes, and a smooth fade out.

Bringing back an older sound, Patrick Ballantyne has really made a statement with his sound in this latest single. Taking a classic story, classic sound, and giving it a joyful light, is what was done in this single.

Official Audio and Lyrics on Soundcloud

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