Classified – Oh…Canada (Single Review)

In the spirt of Canada Day on July 1st, it seems only appropriate to talk about the Canadian rapper, Classified’s single “Oh…Canada.” The song was released on the 2009, album Self Explanatory. The patriotic song, features Canadian stereotypes, as well as highlights of many different attributes of the North American country.

Throughout the song it features a steady hip-hop beat, as well as group background vocals. In the beginning of the song, Classified says, “I told this guy where I was from / He said “oh, Canada” / Kind of laughed it off, real funny, huh?” This line shows how many people look at Canada. They just take it for granted or think that the country is “too free.” As the first verse begins, he talks of the Trans-Canada Highway, the great lakes, the greenery, and the rocky mountains that cover most of the west coast. In the next few lines he touches upon Canadian media, “’Cause our movies and TV shows are so amateur? (ha) / Yes we laugh it off, that don’t really bother me / Look we ain’t serious unless we really got to be.” Next he goes on to talk about some of the comedic actors that have came out of Canada such as Mike Myres, and Jim Carrey. “Think we finish every sentence with “buddy” or “bye” / And if it ain’t that, it’s either “dude, ” “eh, ” or “guy”.” In those two lines he states some of the famous Canadian stereotypes of Canadians. In the last few lines of the verse he talks of Canadian laws against a certain type of drug, and Canadian rap. The chorus consists of the lines “I’m from Canada, oh-oh-oh Canada,” and a few more patriotic lines. In the second verse he starts off by addressing some of the world’s confusion of Canada, “Yes, we have microwaves, TVs and cell phones / Unintelligent f**k, we invented the telephone.” He also states that Canadian’s invented Yahtzee, the lightbulb and the worldwide sport, Hockey. Keeping with the topic of hockey he states the ‘the greatest’ players Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby are both Canadian. As the verse continues, he talks of everyone having a drinking buddy, the national mascot (the beaver), the infamous Hell’s Angles and the widely important RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). “Home of Gordon Lightfoot and SCTV / No doubt, the underground railroad / Georges St-Pierre, right here is where he call home.” With that he speaks of one of Canada’s famous musicians, television sketch comedy show, the historic Underground Railroad, and a famous mixed martial artist. He goes on to talk about how Canada has free health care and how that also works for dental work as well. The last lines of the songs he says that people think that the genre of hip-hop is dead but it is actually up north in Canada with him, and then he ends the verse by mentioning the most popular food, poutine, “They say hip hop is dead, nah it’s up north with me / I could do this all day, it’s a part of my routine / But supper’s almost done and tonight – poutine!”

In the hip-hop industry, not often will you find a whole song dedicated to the artist’s home country where they promote and show their pride. Focusing on many different attributes of the country, Classified’s “Oh…Canada” has become a Canadian favourite.

Official video on YouTube

Lyrics from A-Z

Rock On & Happy Canada Day!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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