Pierce The Veil – The Devine Zero

After a long awaited return, the San Diego, post-hardcore band, Pierce The Veil, released their first single in over two years. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of the band’s upcoming fourth studio album, and the first single, “The Devine Zero,” which was released on June 18, 2015. This song doesn’t show much of a change in the bands style, or sound, it just goes deeper into a topic that the band has regularly spoken about.

The song begins with a space like intro, which quickly fades into the post-hardcore instrumentation that is common for the band.The first lyrics that are sung talk about drugs in the body and how they affect your thoughts and feelings, “Maybe I could swim into your thoughts like your drugs do / Paralyze your body, sick and tired of waking up to.” Then they continue on with the feeling of not wanting to doing anything due to the feelings that overwhelm the person with depression or even suicide. The wild eyes wish for something to take the thoughts away, like alcohol, while large amounts of burning feelings flood into the body. In the next few lyrics he speaks of feeling like just leaving the world as he isn’t meant for this life, as it is all a joke and everything is riding on him. He also speaks of the scars that are left on the body and how they create artwork on the skin, “I’m not meant for this world, I just don’t see the point / So I don’t think about it, don’t over think about it / And life is a joke / But everything’s riding on me tonight / Been counting the stars and scars / How I’m becoming a work of art.” The chorus is where he says, that every time he gets close to getting better, all his hopes and plans are crushed by the downside of his depression. A million waves hit him, yet he still tries to make others smile. In the second verse he sings, “The whispered words “You’d better hide the bullets”,” which seem to be an inner monologue where he was going to do something harmful, yet someone interrupted him, so he needed to hide what he was going to use. Even though someone talked to him day and night, it just kept triggering the emotions. The gun is loaded and once the everything takes over, the burning emotions and thoughts will drown him like smoke. Once he is gone the only thing that will be left to be a menace will be the computer light in his room. The bridge is where he says once everything happens, he wishes to be surrounded by his loved ones, “Now, I only pray when it all goes down / I’ll be surrounded by all of the ones I’ve loved and cared about.” In the last verse he states how he can love someone else while he counts the stars and scars on his own skin, and if the  pain becomes a sound, just let it slow down. As the song comes to and end he says, “Your serotonin’s gone / The kerosene is gone / The sunset is gone / So hold on.” Even though the pain and hurting is all gone, you got to keep holding on.

Many of Pierce The Veil’s songs speak of lead singer and guitarist, Vic Fuentes’ depression and self-harm, but this song is the first to take a deeper look into how he, and most people feel when they have this illness. The song talks of feeling like you don’t belong or that you don’t have a purpose in life, but you should just keep holding on to your life. There are many reasons to feel like you need to end everything, and yet you still want your loved ones to be there and try to help.

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