Ships Have Sailed – Drive (Music Video Review)

Sailing through the music world is the up-and-coming alternative pop-rock trio, Ships Have Sailed, from Los Angeles, California. Their debut album Someday, received heavy airplay from many radio stations across North America. With their second studio album, Mood Swings, the band has seem a larger amount of commercial success. The first single off Mood Swings is “Drive,” and on June 12, 2015 the band released the official video, directed by James R.W. Hiatt.

The video begins with Will Carpenter (Guitar and Vocals), walking in the sunset, and him & his ‘beloved’ (Samantha Royce), in the shower. Once again he is walking on the beach alone, picking up sand and letting it run through his fingers, remembering a moment that he once shared with his beloved there. The scene flips to the couple walking together on the beach, looking in love and having fun. The video often changes between flashbacks of the couple and Will by himself reminiscing. As the lyrics begin, the scene transitions from being in the shower together, to them on a couch, where Will is using a tattoo marker to draw an intricate drawing on the girls shoulders. The scene fades into flashbacks of the couple laughing at the beach, running around under the pier, kissing, dancing, and having fun. The next scene features  flashbacks of the couple fooling around in the bed, cuddling, laughing. The scene flips back to them on the couch, to more flashbacks on the beach. A few scenes of Will by himself singing and looking very distraught on the beach, are shown as the chorus begins again. Then the scene switches to the couple in the shower once again washing the tattoo off. A couple of scenes are shown of Will by himself and then shots of the couple just enjoying each others company. When the next scene starts, instead of the couple being tied to the hip, they are facing different ways, and when Will tries to pull her into his embrace she walks away. Flashbacks appear, Will stands alone singing. As the final chorus starts, a fight between the couple is shown as different colours of powdered paint are flying through the air. As she yells and gets upset, he tries to calm her down. More flashbacks are shown and one scene where they are walking starts. She leans sideways and he pushes her back up. At first it seems that this is a type of game, until she goes to fall forward, he catches her, and then she just continues to walk off by herself. A few final shots of the beach are shown, as well as Will lying in the bed where the couple had laid together before. The final scene features Will’s silhouette walking off into the sunset.

The video for “Drive,” focuses a lot on a relationship, and how much the couple liked to be together. This is shown through most of the video, but at the end he seems to be the only one trying to piece things back together after something changed in the relationship. With an interesting use of light and props, this video shows a relationship that seemed perfect, go downward and eventually only one of them is left hanging on to the memories.

Official Video on YouTube

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