Asking Alexandria – I Won’t Give In (Single Review)

When a band member departs ways with their band, it can really harm the artists, but when a band loses their lead singer of 6+ years, it can really make or break the band. For fans of the English Metalcore band, Asking Alexandria, they have been patiently waiting since the heartbreaking, (yet understandable), January 2015, departure of former lead singer Danny Worsnop. On May 26, 2015, fans were given the name of the new lead singer, Denis (Shaforostov) Stoff, (former guitarist and clean vocalist in Ukrainian band, Make Me Famous). In addition to announcing their new lead singer, the band also released the first single with Stoff, “I Won’t Give In.”

This song starts with a faded chant that slowly rises into the heavy guitars, drums and bass that are common to AA. In the chant the lyrics are, “Every breath you take / I watch you slip away / You’re slowly killing yourself / I won’t give in.” These lyrics are saying that he is watching someone he loves, slowly lose them self and that they are fading away almost killing who they are. The first verse talks about if he could sing his deepest thoughts and feeling, would   the person he loves stay with him. Although he doesn’t say those words exactly he sings, “If my heart could sing, would you stay?” The next few lines he goes on to ask if his soul was torn, would the person stay to help fix him, almost asking the person that if they were in his place what would they do? In the pre-chorus the meaningful line, “Your smile it eats me alive / I can’t turn away any longer,” states that the person whom he loves isn’t who they used to be due to something that is going on with them, and that he will not try to leave the situation alone any longer. In the second verse we get a glimpse at what has been going on in their lives as he sings the lyrics of, “I gave you everything / I never thought we would end up like this / I gave you everything / I can’t let you go, save me please.” So what he is really saying is that he gave the relationship everything that he could, and now it has turned into something that he never expected and he isn’t ready to let the relationship and the person go, because he might not be able to handle it. In the bridge of the song, he introduces a new line that says the he will be that shining light in the persons darkness. The whole song sends out a message that in this situation, that he will not give up or give in to the darkness that is slowly taking the other person in. He wants to help the person and try to save them.

Throughout the song, the guitars, drums, and bass are very similar to what fans are used to from Asking Alexandria, the only large difference is in the vocals. Instead of the heavier scream that Danny’s voice crafted, Denis brings a softer voice that is very different for the band, but creates a new future for everyone involved.

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