Bobby Wills – Never Didn’t Love You – Single & Music Video Review

In today’s musical society, you don’t find many songs that speak a very romantic truth about a relationship. Now Canadian country singer, Bobby Wills released his single, “Never Didn’t Love You” on June 24, 2014, that meets the requirements of a truthful relationship ballad. The song is about a loving relationship where the guy may not say those three pretty words everyday, but he knows that his girl is well aware that there has never been a point in time when he has not loved her.

The song starts with a very upbeat country sound that follows the song throughout and gives the whole track a happy, joyful vibe. The opening verse of the song consists of him saying how much he loves the way she sings to the radio in the car, and how she always makes him feel strong when he needs to open a jar, which are two very true statements for most couples. The chorus is, “If I never told you / If I never showed you / If I never shouted from the rooftops / How I feel about you, baby / I always believed you’d feel it, / And figured you knew / I never didn’t love you.” Even though he doesn’t pull off large romantic gestures to show her that he loves her, he always has known that she feels and is aware of the fact that he has never not been in love with her. In the second verse he talks more about different stages of the day where he is always loving her, such as in the morning with no make-up on. The song is a proclamation of the love he has for his girl that he has always felt.

The music video starts with a scene of a young couple driving along on a windy day, smiles on both their faces as they are heading to the beach. In the next scene we see Bobby Wills, on the beach jamming out and playing his guitar and later singing his song. In the following scenes, we see that the young couple from the beginning collect sand in a mason jar from the beach that they visited and they continue to do this at a couple of beaches throughout the video. After some very happy couple shots, and a tiny bit of product placement, we see the couple walking together on the beach and jamming out in their car to the music being played. When the second verse starts, we see the couple cuddling/sleeping together and being very cute and happy just being in each others company. The rest of the chorus is filled with very happy moments between the couple out on the beach enjoying the sun and the sand. The couple does a very cute photo with each of them using their hands to create a letter from the word ‘love’. Before the last chorus starts, the male, starts to shake the sand out of the mason jar into the girls hands when all of a sudden a diamond engagement ring falls into her hand. Smiles are shared and she envelopes him into a hug. The video ends with many clips of the couple on the beach just rolling around in the sand and being happy.

Both the song and the video represent a very happy relationship where they don’t always need to say, ‘I Love You’ to one another because they completely believe that the other loves them for everything that they have and are. Bobby Wills album Crazy Enough is available for purchase on iTunes.

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