Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk Feat. Bruno Mars

How many pop culture references can one song possibly make. Now that is a great question, and in the November 10, 2014, release of English producer, Mark Ronson’s single “Uptown Funk” with guest vocals by Bruno Mars, they establish that they are ‘hot’, ‘wanted’, and that you can easily slide in many references into a song. The single brings us all back into the 80s with the classic R&B funk music, as well as the sing-rapping type of style that many artist have adopted. This song goes from talking about how the song is for the girls, to him being so hot dragons need to retire, and how uptown funk will give it to you. What it is that Uptown funk is giving out, he doesn’t say, but we can assume its not candy.

The beat of the song just makes you want to dance and is conveniently very easy to dance to. The first verse is where he speaks of who the song is dedicated to, and that he is wearing Chucks with Saint Laurent and how he has to kiss himself because he is so pretty. The pre chorus is made up of the lyrics of, “’Im too hot (hot damn) / Called a police and a fireman / I’m too hot (hot damn) / Make a dragon wanna retire man / I’m too hot (hot damn) / Say my name you know who I am / I’m too hot (hot damn) / Am I bad ’bout that money / Break it down.” Basically he is just pointing out how ‘hot’ he believes he is. The chorus is a repetition of three lines that follow the beat. In the second chorus he sings, “Stop / Wait a minute / Fill my cup put some liquor in it / Take a sip, sign a check / Julio! Get the stretch! / Ride to Harlem, Hollywood, Jackson, Mississippi / If we show up, we gon’ show out / Smoother than a fresh jar of skippy.” So now we have liquor, signing checks, going to some big cities and they tell us that they are smooth like peanut butter. In the bridge, he speaks of how uptown funk will funk you up, and, “Come on, dance / Jump on it / If you sexy than flaunt it / If you freaky than own it / Don’t brag about it, come show me,” and then he moves into how its Saturday night and that if you don’t believe him you can just watch him and see.

Overall this song has a great crazy beat that can make you dance and have a good time, but the song has many sexual suggestive lyrics and references. Just remember that Uptown funk will give it to you.

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