Beyoncé – 7/11 (Single & Music Video Review)

Basically everyone on the planet knows the infamous — sometimes referred to as the ‘Queen of Pop’ — Beyoncé. Along with knowing who she is, most people know about the release of her fifth studio album Beyoncé, that was kept secret until the day of December 13, 2013, when everyone woke up to find that there was a new Beyoncé album out on the market. As well as the surprise album, on November 14, 2014, she released a reissue of Beyoncé, which featured 6 new songs and remixes. One of the most popular singles off the reissue is the single “7/11.” This song, while incorporating both hip-hop and rap, is very different from what is normally heard from the singer. The music video for the song was filmed by Beyoncé in various locations, and released on November 21, 2014.

The song starts with an upbeat tempo that follows the song throughout. The first lyrics that are heard are those of the chorus that consist of, “Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air / Legs movin’ side to side, smack it in the air / Legs movin’ side to side, smack you in the air.” What she is really trying to get at really isn’t clear, but under assumption from what she says throughout the song, it has something to do with dancing in a club. She then goes on to talk about waving your hands in the air and clapping your hands and how she knows that you care about what she’s talking about. In the first verse she talks about a multitude of different things. She goes from talking about clapping, to how her foot is up in the air, and how she is spinning with her hands in the air. She also states that you should, “Hold that cup like alcohol, hold that cup like alcohol / Hold that cup like alcohol / Don’t you drop that alcohol / Never drop that alcohol, never drop that alcohol / I know you thinkin’ bout alcohol / I know I’m thinkin’ bout that alcohol.” That also leads to the assumption of a club or maybe even a bar. In the next few lyrics she talks about rolling dice and how she rolled two sevens. Also she just wants to ‘kick it’ with someone. The final verse of the song goes on to talk about how ‘fresh’ she is and how everyone is mad because they are not as ‘fresh’ as her.

The music video is very interesting in the fact that she filmed it herself with a static camera and that she came up with the concept herself. The video starts with Beyoncé alone out on a patio/terrance where she follows the lyrics of the song about swaying, clapping, spinning and waving. She is seen wearing a crew neck sweater and what looks to be underwear as well as knee pads. She then transitions to a shot of her sitting on a chair with her back to the camera, where she ‘flexes’ her butt. She is also seen doing some other interesting actions in the bathroom. She returns to the terrance to spin on a chair and do some more dancing. The scene is then brought to a bedroom where she goes from sitting, to jumping on the bed (this is the popular scene of her almost jumping onto her daughter Blue Ivy), standing with work boots on, changing from different positions on the lounge bench, and doing a bridge. She is then seen running down the hallway in interesting attire doing intriguing actions. She is joined by friends who are all holding red solo cups. Beyoncé’s red solo ends up spilling out some type of liquid, which is assumed to be alcohol. Back out on the terrance, she is joined by friends who are all wearing the same underwear type bottoms, as they all dance along to the lyrics. Beyoncé then rolls some dice in different locations, and then forms a human pyramid, when she ‘smacks’ two of her friends butts, and then they are all seen dancing in the bathroom. Beyoncé then pops out of a christmas box in a decorated room and again she preforms various dance moves. The video is thrown back with the friends to a small kitchen when they are all holding their red solos and all look to be slightly intoxicated or tired. Beyoncé is given many close-ups in the waiting area for elevators as she ‘meditates’, spins and dances. The end of the video is Beyoncé blowing a noise maker with 2015 New Years Eve glasses on.

Now both the single and the music video are very different from the common Beyoncé that we normally see and hear. She brought individuality and interesting types of filming into the video and brought out a more rap side to her music.

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