Dallas Smith – Wastin’ Gas

In todays society and economy, the idea of wasting the gas that you buy may seem a little crazy to some people living in places where the price is pretty high; but to Dallas Smith, Canadian born country singer, he really does not care if he wastes gas or not in his October 28, 2014, single “Wastin’ Gas.” The song was released as the lead single for Smith’s second full length studio album, Lifted. The song is all about having a good time out driving with his girl while they waste time and just hang.

The song has a strong rock country feel and sound to it, and Smith’s voice has the country twang, as well as an interesting pitch. In the first verse he talks about how good she looks as they are driving, also how he is looking at her and she is looking back at him. The chorus is where he talks about how, “We’re just wastin’ gas, woah / Blurring them dotted lines / Killing all kinds of time / Baby, like we ain’t coming back, woah / Steal a kiss, maybe two / Pull it off for a few / Gonna hang as long as I can / You know I don’t give it a damn / If we’re just wastin’ gas.” So they are just aimlessly driving around, kissing and pulling off the road to do something that is not mentioned, but can be inferred, while he is well aware that they are wasting gas. He progresses on to say how his truck often seems to backfire, but each time it causes a unique memory. The remainder of the song is a repetition of the chorus. Throughout the song the music at times is right up to the vocals, which can cause slight distraction, but during the chorus it is brought down slightly to focus more on the lyrics.

The song in a whole is a great representation to what some couples do on nights that they don’t have plans or nights when they just want to be together but not be set in one place. He accurately states that by doing that action that you end up wasting the gas that you have put in your vehicle, even though you are having a wonderful time. So just remember that even though you may be having a great time driving around, you are wasting gas, and if your like Dallas Smith, you might not even care.

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