Fefe Dobson – Legacy (Single & Music Review)

If you were to die tonight what legacy would you be leaving behind? It seems that Fefe Dobson, a Canadain singer, has got that figured out in her single, “Legacy,” that was released on August 6, 2013, as her lead single off her fourth studio album, Firebird. While the song is about how much she is in love with her man and how if she were to die at least she left a legacy in the world, the music video is focused more on some of her idols and a certain interesting type of story.

The song starts off with a fuzzy electric guitar that fades up into a pop/electronic beat, which the vocals start with the lyrics of, “Your face is all I ever see on this crowded street / Like no one’s watching you don’t care to act a fool with me.” While the street is populated with people, he is the only one that she sees and no one is watching them make fools of themselves. She goes through the first verse talking about how much he makes her heart jump, and how with him it is like living on the edge of her seat. In the chorus she says, “If I die tonight at least I left a legacy / If the lights go out I’m forever in your memory.” So even if she were to drop dead that evening, she would be in his memory forever and she left herself a legacy. In the second verse, she talks about how the eyes are truly the window to a persons soul, because its like she’s looking in the mirror when she is looking at him. The song goes on about how she would do anything for him, and the whole idea of her leaving a legacy behind if she were to die.

Now, unlike the song, the video doesn’t have that much of a focus on her love for someone, it is more a story of a woman who gets placed in a metal hospital, and then goes through sequences of acting like her idols and their legacies that they have left. The video begins with Dobson being walked into a mental hospital, but instead of Dobson looking like Dobson, she is dressed as the infamous Marilyn Monroe. She starts to wave to her ‘adoring fans’, and says hello to other patients that walk by. The shot is then changed to the back of Dobson looking like Dobson and the two nurses walking her. So we see what she ‘thinks’ she looks like and what she looks like to everyone else. She begins singing Marilyn’s iconic “Happy Birthday,” as the nurses left go of her, and she gets fanned by her ‘fans’ aka fellow patients, then brought into her room. When she is brought into the room, the song begins as Dobson appears as herself, in a close up, as well as a shot of what Dobson actually looks like, while lying in her bed. As the vocals start she has turned into the dearly departed Kurt Cobain sitting in the hospital hallway with a guitar, as the real Dobson does some close up performance shots. As the second verse starts, so does a scene where the patients are receiving their pills and Dobson who is dressed as the notorious Amy Winehouse. She butts ahead of patients and grabs one girls hair, which begins a little fight between the two. The Dobson that everyone else sees is then placed back into her room under restraints where she has, (what everyone else sees to be) a slight breakdown. As a shot of the clock comes, we see that Dobson is now the remarkable Michael Jackson, dressed in that red leather jacket, white glove, and hat. As Dobson is doing some of Jackson’s famous moves, a patient slips out of her room to watch Dobson as she goes on with being Michael. There are many shots that follow of Dobson in therapy, sitting in the hall writing and her performance close ups. Some of the last shots are of Dobson walking out of the hospital with a large attitude, as she gives both fingers to the nurses, kicks the door open and walks to her car where all four of the icons that she portrayed are sitting in the back seat.

While the song is more of a loving relationship where the girl is head over heels, the video is more of the legacy that you leave behind, much like Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson.

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