The Beach Boys/Jesse and the Rippers – Forever

Let’s take this back few years and into one of the hit television shows that started in 1987 and ran to 1995. Yes, that would be the show Full House. Everyone remembers Uncle Jesse. The attractive uncle who wore leather jackets, had a motorcycle, and had himself a little band called Jesse and the Rippers. In the fourth season of the show, Jesse performed the hit love-ballad, “Forever,” for his and Rebecca’s wedding. “Forever” was originally recorded by the Beach Boys, for their sixteenth studio album, Sunflower. While both artists preformed the song with their own style and both had a large amount of emotion in the lyrics, the two different versions give off something of their own.

In The Beach Boys version, there is the present feeling of love, but their version has more of a studio track love song type of vibe. Now I can assume that the song was written in all sincerity, it just sounds more like an album version.

On the other hand, the version that was preformed on Full House, by John Stamos, for the wedding, sends out more of a love ballad feeling and has more raw emotion flowing through the lyrics. (That may be due to the fact that we all watched as Jesse sat at the piano and sang the song to his awaiting bride.) But no matter the reason, the version by Jesse and the Rippers has a heavier amount of emotion in the lyrics.

While both songs have different feelings to them, they both have the same intention. The song is dedicated to a women, whom this man is devoted to. He expresses his love with the lyrics of, “If every word I said / Could make you laugh / I’d talk forever,” as well as, “If the song I sing to you / Could fill your heart with joy / I’d sing forever.” The rest of the song is filled with him saying how he will love her forever.

While the amount of love ballads like this have dwindled off in the last few years, we can still appreciate the ones that were made, and the ones that have multiple versions.

Lyrics for the song can be found on A-Z

Video for Jesse and the Rippers wedding version

Audio for The Beach Boys version

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