Becky G – Shower

Do you sing in the shower? Well, whether you do or you don’t, American singer, Becky G, made it very clear in her April 23, 2014, release of her single, “Shower,” for her debut studio album, that she does. This up-beat song talks about how this guy she likes makes her so happy that she is singing in the shower and dancing in the mirror. The song begins with a slow set of violins, that then fades up into an electric pop beat.

In the first verse she talks about how there is just something about him that has got her feeling like she cannot be without him. She also says how she can’t describe him, but that he makes her feel high. So also says that, “Think of you when I’m going to bed / When I wake up think of you again / You are my homie, lover and friend.” She tells us that he is basically her everything. Her lover, and her friend. In the chorus she talks about how he lights her up inside and that, “Whenever you’re around / I always seem to smile.” This sounds like she is really infatuated with this guy. Not sure if it is love or just lust, but he is the reason the she is dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower. In the second verse she talks about, “All I want, all I need is your loving / Baby you make me hot like an oven / Since you came you know what I’ve discovered / Baby I don’t need me another.” Now we get to see more of how she feels and how she has discovered that he is the only one that she wants in her life. In the bridge she goes on to say that she will take a chance on their relationship, and she won’t give up. Sounds like their relationship is a good one.

Like some of the most popular songs today, she is singing about how much she loves him. A cute, up-beat and happy pop song about a relationship.

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