Joe Brooks – Superman

A lot of girls out there in the world have or still are, wishing for their own version of Superman. Well, British singer/songwriter, Joe Brooks, is letting you know that as much as he wishes he was Superman, he just is not that, but he wishes that his girl will like him as he is. He says just that in his September 7, 2010, release of the album Constellation Me, which featured the single, “Superman.” “Superman,” tells a story of a guy who would do anything for his girl, but he can’t be her Superman, so she will have to like him for who he is. The song is very up beat and catchy, with the guitar being acoustic.

We start the song off with the words that (some) girls would love to hear, “There are no words, / To paint a picture of you, girl. / Your eyes and those curves, / It’s like you’re from some other world.” That has got to be one of the cutest and best lines that has ever been said. In the chorus he says what he would do if he was Superman, “If I could be your superman, / I’d fly you to the stars, / And back again. / ‘Cause every time you touch my hand, / And you feel my powers, running through your veins.” Sadly, he is not Superman, and all he can do is write this song full of affectionate lyrics.  Throughout the second verse, he speaks of how he needs to tell her how he really feels, but every time that he goes to, he gets intimidated. He also talks about how when she says his name, he starts to shake and how he disappears whenever she comes near him. The last lines of the verse are, “If I could read your mind, / Girl, would I find / Any trace of me at all?” He wonders if she even bothers to think of him as much as he thinks of her. The rest of the song is the chorus repeated twice till the song fades out.

This whole song brings out a lovely feeling of how someone may feel in a relationship or in a crush. Joe Brooks seems to be very good with his words and telling how he feels in song.

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