Nickelback – Edge of a Revolution (Single + Music Video Review)

In today’s world, it’s no secret that revolutions are happening, and that more need to happen for change to come into society. Canadian rock band, Nickelback, showed this exact fact with their song and music video for their single, “Edge of a Revolution,” off their eighth studio album No Fixed Address. The music video was released on August 12, 2014, then a few days later on the eighteenth, the single was released.

The song starts off with a heavy instrumental that leads into the lyrics of, “Head high, protest line / ‘Freedom’ scribbled on your sign / Headline, New York Times.” Not only do these lines bring in a voice of urgency, but they also throw reality into the face of the listeners, as this is something that we often see in the news. The song then heads into the shocking and thought-provoking lyrics of, “Your secret’s safe with the NSA / In God we trust or the CIA?” Now isn’t that the question of the century… The song continues to say that they will not go away for give up because they know that everyone is relying on confusion and delusion, “’Cause we’re standing on the edge of a revolution.” In the second verse they talk about Wall Street, and how when they get in trouble they get away free without any loses, and also how no one can keep getting fed if they aren’t getting paid. The bridge of the song is where the real ‘revolution’ comes into effect, “What do we want? We want the change / And how’re we gonna get there? Revolution.”

The music video ties right into the lyrics of the song. The video starts off with a shot of an old video projector with tapes being labeled ‘OBEY’. One tape gets changed to one that says, ‘REVOLUTION’. The screen then flashes with white noise, then fades into the scene of a private school kid sitting in a classroom with short flashes of videos/propaganda being shown to him. The band then pops up and the propaganda is playing behind them. They switch in between the classroom shot to the band throughout the video. Each time the classroom is shown, something has changed, like the amount of kids in the room or how they are acting. The different videos of propaganda that are shown to the children are shots of riots, protests, different events, the army/military/seals/navy/airforce and armies from all over the world as well as events from different countries. After about 1:00, the children start to look confused and angry.  At 1:40 the child that we first see in the classroom starts to push his books and pages off his desk, and the rest of the children follow suit by flipping desks, and throwing chairs and books around the room. The children continue to yell and act out as the song continues, and they begin chanting with the lyrics in the bridge. These acts continue till the end of the video where there is a glitchy video of a security camera filming someone who spray painted the words ‘We Want Change. Revolution.”

Both the song and the video send out very heavy messages of the world we live in today and what we need to do. They speak about world events and show everyone what is going on. They do not tell us exactly how to fix the problem, but they do show that a revolution may be the next action to take.

The official video is available here,

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