Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One

British singer/songwriter, Sam Smith, constantly hits the world with releases of songs filled with  emotion, passion, and soul. This was the case for his August 31, 2014, release of the single, “I’m Not The Only One.” This is the fourth single to come off Sam Smith’s debut studio album, In The Lonely Hour. While many songs that are or have been on the Billboard Top 100, talk about the sensitive topic of infidelity, this single brings a very emotional view into the mind of the person who is left behind. The song starts off with an electronic beat and the tempo of a piano. This beat follows throughout the song with slight rises and gains within.

In the first verse we get the lyrics of, “You and me, we made a vow / For better or for worse.” From this we can only assume that they were probably married, or that they took some sort of wedding-like vows. He then goes on to say that he did try to deny what he was thinking, but he has his proof, and it’s the type of proof that you can’t deny and the type that really hurts the heart. The chorus consists of the lyrics, “You say I’m crazy / ‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done / But when you call me baby / I know I’m not the only one.” While he was sitting back trying to deny what he was starting to believe, his partner was telling him that he was crazy, but meanwhile he actually knew that he was not the only person in his partners love life.

The second verse is quite short, but the lyric that strikes the listener is, “Your heart is unobtainable / Even though Lord knows you kept mine.” While he has lost the heart of his love, his partner has kept his, and gained someone else’s.

This touchy topic of cheating has become more common in the mainstream music of today, but not often do we see the heartfelt story of the heartbreak involved. As this was the fourth single from, In The Lonely Hour, we can see that Sam Smith stays within a certain area of music where he feels that he brings out the most personal experiences and feelings which are shown in all of the singles that have been previously released.

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