Tom Odell – Songs From Another Love EP

The EP, Songs From Another Love, was released on October 12th, 2012, from English singer/songwriter, Tom Odell. After the EP was released, Tom Odell received many positive reviews from critics, along with being compared to Coldplay, Ben Howard and Jeff Buckley. If you are familiar with any of these artists, when you listen to this short EP, you will be able to see what these critics are saying, also how Odell brings in his own emotion and experience into his lyrics.

The album starts off with one of Tom Odell’s most popular songs, “Another Love.” This song consists of a piano and very emotional lyrics. From the beginning of the song you can tell that there is a passion behind his voice. He sings about how he wishes that he could be the man that a girl needs, but he used up everything on a previous love, “And I’d sing a song, that’d be just ours / But I sang ’em all to another heart / And I wanna cry I wanna learn to love / But all my tears have been used up / On another love, another love.”

The second track on the album is the song, “Sense.” This song is very slow and talks about how he feels that nothing seems to make sense at the moment, but proposes situations where he wonders if it would all make sense after that. He tells about how life seems be at a stand still for him now, “Cause I, I’m feeling pretty small, / Sometimes feel like I’m slipping down walls.” This is a song that would probably strike a chord with most of his audience and is very relatable to a wide amount of the world’s population.

“Can’t Pretend,” takes the third spot on the album with lyrics that give out a strong indie vibe. This song tells the story of a man who has different ‘problems’ that only his love can help him fix. He says that, that must be what love is, and he can’t pretend that he is not feeling that, “Love, I have wounds, / Only you can mend, / You can mend. / I guess that’s love, / I can’t pretend.”

The final song on this short EP is, “Stay Tonight (Demo).” The vocals of this song are pushed back, due to the demo version, and they are very raw. In this last song he sings about how he wonders that if he does certain things, that he might change himself and that if he asked a certain girl to stay, would she, “Or if I gave my all / Would you try / And if I said I’m strong, / Is that right? / And if I said don’t go.”

This whole EP, Songs From Another Love, bring very personal stories and thoughts into the lyrics. Tom Odell puts his emotions in with his lyrics as well as the tempo of the piano. While the amount of songs on the album are minimal, the lyrics have a large impact that can leave you thinking about your own life. This album has at least one song that someone/everyone can relate to.

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