Dev – Bass Down Low (Feat. The Cataracs)

Five years ago on November 16, 2010, American singer/rapper, Dev, released her debut single, “Bass Down Low (Feat. The Cataracs)”. This upbeat electropop song brought many people to the dance floor in 2010 and the following years, but it also received criticism as many people have said the song sounds much like The Black Eyed Peas and Far East Movement. In the song The Cataracs even makes a reference to The Black Eyed Peas (what a coincidence!). While there are the negative comments, there have also been people who have stated that while the music gives the recognizable sound, it is Dev’s voice that sets her apart from the crowd.

This song keeps with the mainstream type of lyrics. She talks about drinking, partying and hooking up. She starts the song off with the chorus that goes, “If you wanna get with me / There’s some things you gotta know / I like my beats fast / And my bass down low.” This whole song is full of sassy little comments like this and hey, she says right off the bat what she likes, so no problem there. Within the song, there are a bunch of little stuttering parts like, “I, I, I like my beats fast,” which they go along with the beat, but they can seem a little too much at some points. Now in the first verse, we move into the lyrics of, “Fish tank this thing along with four more shots / of Patron I give a f*ck about going home / Straight buzzin Robotussin / Wanna get ya mitts in my oven / Wanna get a lick of this lovin.” It starts off with having a good old time drinking away, then moves into something sexual. This is something that is so common in music, that we almost don’t even have to say anything about it anymore. The rest of the song is made out of the chorus being repeated, and a second verse that looks very similar to the first one. The music stays up beat for the whole song and will keep you moving, and the music has been levelled so that the voice is the centre part of the song.

While this song did come out in 2010, (five years ago. Whoa! Time flies), and in that year, this type of lyrics might not have been so common, but in today’s music scene, there is loads of songs that talk about drinking, partying and sex. While Dev does bring an interesting voice into the electropop genre, the music does have the common sound, which does not really set her apart from the rest too much.

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Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


3 thoughts on “Dev – Bass Down Low (Feat. The Cataracs)

    1. Well since this songs release in 2011, DEV, has had a few albums out and singles that have made it on the charts. She has also featured on many tracks with different artists. So yes she has had some big releases since this.

      Rock On!

      Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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