LetLive – Muther

Back in April 2010, the Los Angeles post-hardcore band, LetLive, released their second studio album Fake History, with Tragic Hero Records, then later on April 12, 2011, it was re-released with Epitaph Records, containing three bonus tracks that had previously not been released. Fans have reacted to this album by saying the song “Muther,” (featured on both albums), is the most influential and emotional song that the band has ever written. Now this song keeps with the previously defined sound of the band, as well as brings in more of the whispered vocals. While the song slows and builds throughout, so do the vocals. I have found that in order to fully understand what the song is saying at all points, you need to focus a lot on the lyrics.

In the first verse it is clear to see what he is talking about. He says, “Rest easily in the bed of another man’s tired old queen / I cannot wait for love if it comes as fast as he did.” By this we can see the topic of cheating. When he says another mans tired old queen, he is talking about how a woman was getting tired of her man and needed something else. Within the second verse he says, “In all that I do all that I do I see your scarlet branding.” This seems to be referencing the whole idea of the scarlet ‘A’ for adultery, that was found in the Scarlet Letter.

The line, “Mother, you know I’m sorry, but sorry’s pregnant with remorse / And when remorse is born remorse won’t see an ounce of child support,” is repeated a lot throughout the song and can have the meaning that what was done is now regretted and the person is carrying around remorse, and won’t see any sympathy for what they’ve done, or that the woman became pregnant and the man who is the father won’t have anything to do with her.

During the end of the song, the lines, “Don’t you cry mama we’ll / We’ll be ok,” are repeated about 20 times, and each time the vocals have a different pitch/key to them, which give an interesting ending to the song.

Now this song may touch on a very touchy subject, as well as a very famous subject, but the way that it is delivered is emotional and not like the other types of songs that have been released with this same idea in mind.

The official video can be found at, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOrfpzPfVXA

The lyrics come from, http://www.plyrics.com/lyrics/letlive/muther.html

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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