Payton Rae – Not Your Cinderella

Doesn’t almost every girl dream of being the cinderella to that one special prince? Well, the July 5, 2011 release of country singer, Payton Rae’s, music video for the single, “Not Your Cinderella”, gives the impression that a certain boy gave her full reason to not want to be his cinderella, and that there will be no happily ever after for a little while.

While the music is very up beat, mixed down well and follows with the song and gives a pop country feel, the lyrics get to tell the classic story of the attractive boy who makes all the girls swoon when he enters a room, and the girl who wants nothing to do with him, “You walk in the room and all the girls talk / I guess you get used to most of them / Falling down at your feet / ‘Cause you got the charm and the definite down.” A guy who gets the attention of many girls, thinks that he can get any girl. Reality checks are in order, I would say. In the chorus she highlights the story of Cinderella, and even talks about Sleeping Beauty, and that big man that we all know and love, Mr. Disney himself, “But I’m not your Cinderella / You’re not the one in a million fellas / Slipper ain’t gonna fit me / Give my regards to Mr. Disney / Oh, I’m no Sleeping Beauty.” I think we all can say that Disney has had an influence in our lives. Just a little. After the second verse, the chorus is repeated twice and then the song comes to the end.

While the song keeps up with the same rhythm and follows the lyrics, the music itself is something that we see often in pop country. The whole idea of finding the prince to your cinderella is an amazing thought, but at the same time, the idea of turning down that one ‘popular’ guy is pretty good too, and so is the idea of waiting for that one prince charming.

The lyrics come from the wonderful site,

The official video can be watched by clicking this link,

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