Marianas Trench – POP 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice)

On July 28, 2014, Canadian pop rock band, Marianas Trench, released the single “Pop 101 (Barely Feat. Anami Vice),” off their awaited 2015 release of their fourth studio album. This song not only highlights how most pop songs are made, but it also makes fun of todays pop music as well as a few pop bands.

While the lyrics instruct on certain aspects of pop music, the song follows those instructions. Some of these instructions are as follows, “‘A minor chord, tensions grow /  Fade in the bass like so / Now with momentum go “stop” / And bring the beat back.”’

In the chorus it highlights phrases that you often see in todays pop music, ‘“And hear some words you should know / Like “DJ never let me go” / Or “Shots and then we’ll lose control” / Or “baby, baby, baby, baby, baby.”’ That last phrase, while it could go to many different songs, I think is mainly aimed at a certain pop star with the initials of JB. While the chorus makes fun of certain words often used, the second verse also goes along with the theme of mockery. This comes as, “To sound like Black Eyed Peas / This one’s a filter sweep / This one’s Imogen Heap.” Surprisingly, they did not mention anything regarding auto tune…interesting. We then later hear, ‘“Heartfelt pub anthems from Mumford and his sons / Gang vocals here we come / Been thinking, “I will always wait.”’ Not only do they mention a certain band, but they directly go to one of their major hits.

As many pop tracks these days feature a rapper, this song does not disappoint. While Canadian rapper, Anami Vice, is only in this song for a few quick seconds, it gives the effect non-the-less. While the start of the bridge directly tells that, “‘The bridge is / The part when / You bring in / A rapper friend,”’ it is still going along with the mockery of pop music. The last audible part of the song is the classic, ‘sing your name’, part that everyone loves to hear.

If this song was considered to be serious, well I think I would just have to laugh…just a little. As a whole, this song brings out a different side to the bands music. While we know that many musicians do make fun of certain genres, you usually do not see it in a hit song. The song will be featured on the 2015 release of Astoria.

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