Down With Webster – Chills

Back in late 2013, Toronto rap rock band, Down With Webster, released the third single off their second studio album, Party For Your Life (P4YL). This single, “Chills”, is a very unique song to what the band has previously released. Most often in their songs we hear about drinking and parting, and often times girls, and them chasing girls, but in this particular song, they talk about how they are mesmerized by a girl, and this girl seems to be out of their league.

At the start of the song it says, “I fell like soldiers on the frontline. / Under your spell and the magic you inspire.” Right there, we can see that he is pretty much head over heels for this girl and that she has him under her spell. The chorus of the song consists of the lyrics, “My heart’s racing, trying to catch up to you, / The light that you let off is gold. / I can’t shake this feeling it fills the room, / These chills didn’t come from the cold. / They came from you.” Again we see how crazy he is over this girl, and how he is chasing her. The aspect of the chills, is probably because she makes him feel something that he hasn’t felt before, and I’m just assuming here, that the feeling just may be love. The second verse of the song continues to go on about how she has taken over his mind, and that this has never happened to him before.

Now in the third verse, (this is where the rapping comes in), is where they continue with the topic of how taken aback he is with this girl. We also see how he describes his feelings, “Because I’m awe struck, star struck, / Turned around from my hard luck. / Let you know that from bar one, / You are the one and that’s bar none, / I’ll try the best to control myself, / ‘Least that’s what I told myself.”

The song has a wonderful way to express how a guy (may) feel when he is chasing after a love interest. It shows how a guy can fall head over heels for someone, and that, that someone, may just be out of his league. The music, gives the song a lot of feeling to it, as they switch from heavy, to light and it builds up in the chorus. As this song is a little different from what Down With Webster has previously released, it brings a new look into the writing styles of the band, as well as a different focus. The album, Party For Your Life, was released on January 28, 2014.

If you want to check the song out for yourself, the official audio and lyrics can be found at:

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)

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