Nina Nesbitt – The Apple Tree EP

Back on April 23, 2012, Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt released her second EP titled, The Apple Tree. This EP holds five tracks, and reached #1 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart.

The album starts off with the song, “The Apple Tree.” This song is very upbeat and is about a relationship that went downhill, as she now realizes that he his not who he said he would be. The song is summed up in the first verse as she says, “Once, once upon a time / Thought that you’d be mine / But then you let your colors shine / I wanted to believe / That you were right for me / Well how could I be so naive / Now we’re broken / Forget me not / I’m falling down and I can’t stop.”

The second track is “Seesaw.” In this song, Nina Nesbitt’s voice has a rawer sound. This song talks about how she messed things up one night when she was drunk and now there is no chance for the relationship. In the first verse she says, “I just wanna call you up / But tonight I really f**ked it up / Cause I can’t ever do things right.” The pre-chorus states that, “We are not equal what I did was evil / Cheating in the playground.” So from this I can only assume that she cheated, and thus ruined the relationship.

In the third spot on the album is the song, “Hold You”. This is a very slow, and emotional song that talks about the distance that has come between two people, and that is has caused their end. In the chorus it is highlighted that the distance has become the blade, “And this distance between us / Has has come and cut us clean as / A sharp blade / And this distance between us / Has made my heart as weak as / Silk that’s frayed / And I just wanna / Hold ya, hold ya, hold ya now / You’re the one that / Keeps me, keeps me on the ground / I just wanna / Hold ya, hold ya, hold ya now / Can we turn this knife the blunt way around?” Throughout the whole song, there  is the feeling that while preforming this, or writing this, there were many tears shed.

After the previous slow, emotional song, we have a slightly more upbeat song called “Only Love”. This song is very uplifting as it talks about how she is happy as she is in a new relationship, and that love is the reason that she feels so good. In the lyrics of, “I’ve never met someone that’s made me feel quite this way / I’ve never met someone that’s actually stayed / Woah/ ‘Cause only love can make me feel the way I do / Only love can make this real for me and you / Only love can make me feel the way I do / Only love can make me see the world the way I do / Now I’m with you,” you can clearly see that she is happy that she has this guy in her life who has stayed and who makes her happy. This song does sound quite like a Colbie Calliat song.

The final track on the EP is “Make Me Fall.” This song starts off quite slow, and has whispered vocals that crack in a few places. This final track, is a wonderful conclusion to the album as she is saying that she wants to fall in love, and that her heart is ready for that certain person to take, “So make me fall in love / Even if I get hurt / I’ll be the only fool in the world / Just make me fall in love.”

The whole album is mainly focused on love and relationships, and the good that comes with them or the bad. The vocals are very smooth and centred and the acoustic guitars and pianos give the songs their emotion.

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