The Amity Affliction – Let The Ocean Take Me

Let The Ocean Take Me is the fourth studio album from the Australian metalcore / post-hardcore band The Amity Affliction. The album was released June 6, 2014, in Australia, June 9, 2014, in the United Kingdom and in the United States on June 10, 2014. The first single off the album was Pittsburgh, released on April 14, 2014, and the second single, Don’t Lean On Me, was released on May 15, 2014. This album keeps with the known sound of the band, and the usual metalcore / post-hardcore type of music.

The album starts off with the song “Pittsburgh,” a very upbeat, heavy song, that talks about battling something that seems to be drowning you. The song starts off with, “I’ve been searching for an exit, but I’m lost inside my head; / Where I spend every waking moment wishing I was dead. / For a few minutes get me away from here, / For a few minutes wipe away my tears. / For I am lost right now as the ocean deep; / I am low my friend and how my heart does sink.” These lyrics clearly show what the person is feeling, and how they describe their battle. The chorus is similar in the manner of expressing the emotion, “It’s like there’s cancer in my blood, / It’s like there’s water in my lungs, / And I can’t take another step, / Please tell me I am not undone. / It’s like there’s fire in my skin / And I’m drowning from within / I can’t take another breath, / Please tell me I am not undone.” The rest of the song follows suit with the chorus and the first verse, where they mainly talk about the battle and how the person feels.

The second song on the album is another song talking about having a battle, and how alone you feel, but when you really look at the lyrics, it is also inspirational. The song starts off with the lyrics of, “So young, heartbroken, daydreaming, lost focus. / Weaker than you’ve ever been, / Counting on a fading dream. / The ocean gleaming emerald green, / The saddest thing you’ve ever seen. / Your feet stuck in the sinking sand, / Your mind is reeling,shaky hands. / Tears are streaming, sorrow calls, / With no one there to break your fall.” With this verse, we get a first hand glance at what is going on in the persons life. The chorus is the part that summarizes the whole song and basically everything that is said, “I’m lost and fading, life ain’t great. / My heart is breaking and life won’t wait. / There’s no one there, no one around, / There’s not a soul and not a sound.” In the third chorus is where the most inspirational lyric is sung, “You bear the burden of sorrow’s past, / But you were built, you were built to f***ing last. / You were built to last.”

Taking the third spot on the album is the song “Don’t Lean On Me.” This song starts off with the instrumental of a piano, and then grows into the heavier sounds of the instuments. This is the song that gave the album the title as they use the lyric of, “and let the ocean take me,” in the chorus and it is the first vocals of the song. This track is majority about letting the ocean take you under, and that the people around you should not count on you, as you can not count on yourself at the time being, “Well don’t lean on me, cause I am falling, please don’t fall with me. / I really need you here, yeah I need you so don’t leave. / And don’t count on me, cause I am drowning, please don’t drown with me. / Just hold me in your heart, and let the ocean take me.”

“The Weigh Down,” is the fourth track on the album, and like the previous song, it has a softer start that then builds into the more heavier sounds and vocals. Like the earlier songs on the album, this song talks about someone who is weighed down by life and that they are needing saving and/or help to get out, “Weighed down on the way down / I need someone to take my hand / It feels like I can’t breathe / And I might drown on the way down / I’m sick of all the come-downs / Don’t tell me that there’s nothing wrong / I’m weighed down, way down.”

The fifth song on the album is “Never Alone.” This song starts off with an instrumental, that is more rock, and the vocals are pulled back into the music. This song comes in with the message that you are never truly alone, “Never alone, never apart / We found each other in the dark / Shed our tears and fight our fears / We are one, the lonely hearts.”

Coming in at the sixth spot on the album, we have the song “Death’s Hand.” From the title I’m sure that you can draw some conclusions on what this song is about. Now if you guessed that this song is about holding deaths hand one night and deciding to not go with death and to stay alive, you would be right! The song can be summed up in the pre-chorus and the chorus, as they lyrics say, “I held Death’s hand this evening / Closed my eyes now I’m dreaming / I promise I won’t leave here / Don’t let me die I’m fucking screaming / Cause I’ve got more life left to live (Got some promises to keep) / To all the hearts that carried me (Out from the ocean deep) / I’ve had to do some searching to understand the reasons / For every selfish feeling  / I held Death’s hand this evening.” The song starts off with a faded instrumental that slowly builds up to the vocals and the heavy instruments.

The next track is “FML.” Yes that is the title, and for those who do not know what it means, my best advice is to search it up, (mainly cause I have already had the f-word in here once already and do not want to continue that trend). So this song starts off with the lyrics of, “There are parts of me that have been lost at sea, / I feel like I’m sinking into eternity. / Walk with my head hung low, into calamity,  / With arms outstretched for someone (someone) someone to save me.” These lyrics clearly highlight that this person is going through some type of difficultly in their life, and that they need someone to save them. The chorus is the main point where you can clearly see what is going on with this person, and how they are feeling that they are deep in the ocean, and that they are looking to find their light again and get back home, “I am a sinking ship, I am the anchors deep,  / Set to the ocean floor in an eternal sleep. / My heart is heavy stone, my body brittle bones. / My mind an endless storm out in the cold unknown. / ‘Cause I’ve got to find my light again,  / My heart is beating fast when will this ever end? / Can I find my way back home again? / This road I travel on it never seems to end.”

“My Father’s Son” takes the eighth spot on the album. This is a song about a guy who looks at himself and sees his father and sees that there is rage inside of him, “I am my father’s son / I am my father’s mistakes / I’m easily undone and I’m no stranger to rage / I am no stranger to rage.” The song itself is very fast and heavy with a lot of anger and emotion behind it.

The second last song on the album is “Forest Fire.” This song starts with a slower beat and it slowly fades up to the heavier sound, but all the while keeping a slow tempo. This song talks about how this guys, created the loneliness that he feels and that he wants to be saved. It also talks of the forest fire set to light to burn the passion in him, “All this darkness inside me / Well, I’m the creator of this loneliness I feel, I’m the creator / The earth heats inside of me / and there’s a forest set to light, / So this passion can burn / Burn like a forest fire.” The chorus is where he says that they are the lucky ones as they are still breathing, and they are swaying with the breeze, “We’re still breathing and we’re the lucky ones / The weeping willows turn the banks  / where the rivers used to run / So still sway with the breeze / But don’t fall down to your knees / I’m standing by the riverside / And I’m dreaming, hope come save me now / I’m feeling like I can’t escape / And I’m screaming, love come pull me out.” At the end of the chorus, it says that he feels like he cannot escape and that he is screaming for love to pull him out.

“Give It All,” is the final track on the album. This song starts with an electronic sound that quickly jumps into the heavy instruments. This song highlights how giving it all until you have nothing left, winds up in you being bones piled on the floor, “I give it all, and when I fall, I get up and give some more. / Until there’s nothing left of me – just some bones stacked on the floor.”

Later on in the second verse, it states, “But every song’s a two way street, I give to you, you give to me. / And as long as that remains I will still haul my heavy feet. / Because you’re all worth every word, and yeah you’re all here in my heart. / And I know we can sing together to avoid falling apart.” This sounds like he is talking to the fans, and how the band gives them music and the fans give back inspiration, (and of course revenue), and as long as this cycle keeps going, they will continue to help the other out.

Overall, this album, Let The Ocean Take Me, keeps to the same sound and talks about majorly the same topic, of fighting something and feeling that you are being pulled down by it. The album is a very emotional album and it seems to have connected with many of the listeners.

For those who are not aware of the sound of The Amity Affliction, they have heavy guitars, drums and bass, with clean and unclean vocals, (aka, screaming).

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