The 1975 – Medicine

On Halloween, (October 31st, 2014), the british band The 1975 released a new single out into the world.This new single is a 6 minute song called Medicine. This is a very slow paced song with the usual hard-to-understand-at-times vocals of Matty Healy.

From what the lyrics tell me, the song is about a relationship where the girl is the guys medicine. She takes away all the bad things in his life and makes him feel better and is the reason that he is getting better.

The song starts off with a 1:15 instrumental that gives the song an alternative feeling. When the vocals do start, they are slightly tucked in behind the instruments a tad, so that it becomes slightly harder to hear what he is saying. You can still hear his voice and make out what you may think he is saying, but the instruments are in a more focused area. In this song, he seems to be whisper-singing the lyrics. It is kinda hard to explain.

The first verse starts us off with the lyrics of, “I find it hard to say “’bye bye’” / Even in the state of you and I / And how can I refuse? / Yeah you rid me of the blues / Ever since you came into my life,” ( It starts off with him saying that he finds it hard to say goodbye to her, even in the current state of their relationship that is possibly not doing so well. He says that she is the reason that he does not have the blues anymore and this has been going on ever since she walked into his life.

The chorus consists of him saying that she is his medicine and that she is the one that is helping him and saving him, “Cause you’re my medicine / (Yeah, you’re medicine),” (

In the second verse it says, “I, I wanna marry you / Said I, I adore you / And that’s all I have to say, bye-bye / And you opiate this hazy head of mine,” ( Although their relationship may not be the best at the moment, he is still wanting to marry her and tell her that he adores her. When he says opiate, (I had to look this up ‘cause I really do not have any background in the study of medicine, so I had no idea what it meant), he is saying that she is like his pain killer or morphine.

Throughout the rest of the song, it is basically instrumentals and the chorus being repeated. This is a very touching song about a relationship, where the girl is helping the guy to get better, whether she knows it or not.

If you would like to give the song a listen for yourself, here is the official audio on YouTube:

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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