Jason Aldean – Burnin’ It Down

July 2014, brought a new Jason Aldean single into the world. The song Burnin’ It Down is the lead single off of the October 7th, 2014 release of Old Boots, New Dirt.

This is a typical song about having sex and drinking. So basically it is like the majority of the top songs that are out in the industry today.

The start of the song has more of a pop feel to it, until we hear the country twang of Jason’s voice. The vocals are levelled perfectly with the instruments. You can clearly hear the vocals as well as the music, without any inference to either one.

From the start of the lyrics, we can clearly see where the song will be going. He starts off with singing, “You slip your finger through the tear in my t-shirt / You stirrin’ up dirty in the back of my mind,” (www.lyricsmania.com). Anyone who is ‘slipping their fingers’ through a hole in a t-shirt, is looking to get a little busy, and i’m not talking like with doing work, you know what i’m talking about. Then from there, the lyrics continue to go right into detail of what they are doing, “We’re just hanging around / Burnin’ it down / Sippin’ on some cold Jack Daniel’s / Jammin’ to some old Alabama with you baby / Laying right here naked in my bed,” (www.lyricsmania.com).There is absolutely no doubt in what it is that these two could possibly be doing. So we have a definite description of what this song is about. But let’s move onto when it is said, “Let’s hit the switch and let our shadows dance,” (www.lyricsmania.com). Is there not that old saying of doing the dance in the dark or something along those lines? There really is not a lot more that I can elaborate on with these lyrics. In basically every chorus, and verse, there is something that directly links up to doing the deed.

For a popular song, and getting it up into what the majority of music is talking about today, this fits in perfectly and gives basically no question to what it is that he is trying to say.

The song is about having a good intimate night with someone that you enjoy.

Here is the link to the official lyric video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC2tLWMMF38

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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