The Vegas Wake Up – A Long Standing Grudge

Hello everyone. Now as much as I would love to give you all a review like I usually do with the lyrics attached and a full review, I cannot do that with this particular album for the time being. Now you may be wondering how come…and that is because I cannot find any lyrics for the songs on this album and as much as I would love to believe that I know the lyrics, I would not want to write them out, and then end up with giving out the wrong lyrics. So this is going to be a different type of review for me, so just hold on.

On September 22, 2014 a small rock band from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, released their first full length studio album onto iTunes. This band is The Vegas Wake Up, and the album is A Long Standing Grudge. Personally I would categorize the band into the genre of punk-rock. The album keeps to the punk-rock feel, but with some really cool songs and lyrics (unfortunately like I said, I do not have the lyrics for you all at the moment, but when I do get them i’ll post em here for you all).

This album starts off with a song called The Little Things. The guitars have a crunchy sound, and the vocals are slightly tucked to the back at the beginning, until the song unfolds and clears up. The song is basically saying that you can lose the one that you love, if don’t start to notice the little things in the relationship and that you need to be thankful for them being there for you.

The second track is Calculated And Anticipated. This song starts off right away with the vocals and the guitars, bass and drums. This song has a heavier feel and the emotion of anger, but the song brings forth when you were younger and that it was calculated and anticipated that from an early age that we are set up to fall.

The Suburban Blues (What Dreams Taste Like), is the third tune on the album. This song starts off with instrumental that is basically a very pop punk sound, with the slight crunch of the vocals and guitars again. The song talks about the guy who needs his girlfriend, but she isn’t coming home, and he does not know what she has been doing lately and he can tell that she has been lying to him. There is the thought in his mind that he is turning into someone that he does not want to be, and that scares him. He wonders if this is what dreams taste like, and if so then he wants them to pump straight to his veins.

Taking the fourth spot on the album, is this song called Little Bird (the word ‘little’ comes up a few times on the album…hmm). This song, has got to be one of the saddest songs on this whole album. The songs says little bird, but more than likely, it is referring to a person. Someone that loved music, but ended up dying, (and what I’m assuming is that they killed themselves…). The little bird tricked the world into thinking that everything was okay, when it really wasn’t. This song to me is very emotional and with the whole strumming pattern, it adds to the emotion. I feel like, almost everyone can somehow relate to this song, maybe that is just me.

The fifth song is Today In Slow Motion.  This song starts with some interesting drums, and vocals that a pushed more back, until the chorus. The chorus brings in heavier guitars, that fade back down. The song seems to talk about, not letting the rain get you down, as the sun will be back tomorrow, but you should make something of everyday no matter what. Do not let anything stop you from your dreams.

Number six is the song Fix Me. (Not to be confused with Fix You by Coldplay…just saying…). This song starts off with a more rock feel, moving into pop-punk. Again the vocals are just slightly tucked underneath the instruments, but this is a great sound for the band. The heavier guitars give a great feeling and you just wanna head bang slightly. They talk about, wanting to fix yourself, but not finding anyone to do it but yourself. There are walls that are holding him in and that he wants to break through it, and having a war with who you want to be and who you are.

The seventh song is The Prototypical Overthinker. The start of the song is sort of faded and crunched, leading into the clearer, but still faded vocals. The lyrics talk about, letting it all go, and that you cannot keep thinking that the whole world is against you and that he has been blaming himself and he is not sure is he is ready to let go of his this yet, but he then keeps thinking about something what it is that was said, and that it is making sense the more he thinks about it, and that he is not scared but he is too prepared.

Worst Case Ontario is the eighth song on the album. This song starts with a heavier beat with the lyrics coming along with it too. They talk about the weather of the winter and the summer, and what seems to be a relationship. It talks about going through with friends, and that you are not really as on your own as you think you are.

Track nine is Wither Away. This song, has more of faded instruments, rather than the vocals. The heavier guitar,bass and drums add to the fast paced effect. The song talks about that we all will wither away and end up at the same place. It says that you should not be wasting your time and that you should be enjoying it. We get a nice guitar solo in the ending of the song.

Coming in on the tenth spot on the album is A Little Ego Death Never Hurt No One. This song starts off with the heavy rock beat and the vocals. The song talks about how someone is an extension of him, and that he has made it this far and now has come to truth with who he has become, and is the man he is supposed to be. Don’t spend time like on money, spend more on than you can afford.

The last song on the album is The Cubical Confrontation. This starts off with a heavy instrumental and then the lyrics. This last track talks about, a relationship that seems to have went wrong, like really wrong, and it seems that they were working together and now he is reminded of the relationship by the cubicles in the office. There is a long silence at the end of the song…and a new little diddy comes up. This is a cute pop feeling song about him being in love with a girl, and that she doesn’t say anything then how would he know, and that if he didn’t make it clear, then he will try harder next time.

Overall this is an awesome album from this up and coming Canadian punk-rock band.

I added the link for their Facebook page into their name that has a link attached. Here is the link to the album on iTunes. Go and check them out!

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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