Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6

How about we all face some facts here; Fearless Records has done it again with a great new volume to their much loved collection of Punk Goes Pop covers.

First off, this is the SIXTH volume of this collection. Now this is just of the Punk Goes Pop collection. Fearless has real eased many other Punk Goes (insert what punk went to here) albums. These have included, but are not limited to (gosh now I’m an informercial sales person!):

Punk Goes Christmas

Punk Goes 80’s

Punk Goes 90’s; Volume 1 & 2

Punk Goes Acoustic; Volumes 1 & 2

Punk Goes Metal

Punk Goes Classic Rock

And (just like Ripley’s), believe it or not there are a few more to that list. So we can just assume that fans have been loving these albums and these covers. Now who doesn’t enjoy a good cover every now and then. And when Of Mice & Men are covering Blame It by Jamie Foxx(Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3), how can you not love it and laugh with it.

But we are here to talk about their latest release, the Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6. Now this was released on the 17th of November (wow this date seems to be very popular for new music to have been released…). The album consists of songs by, Tyler Cater & Luke Holland, Oceans Ate Alaska, VOLUMES, Slaves, Knuckle Puck, State Champs, Youth In Revolt, Crown The Empire, Set It Off, We Came As Romans, Upon A Burning Body, Palisades, and last but not least (where did that saying come from…?), August Burns Red. Now those were listed in no particular order, but my review will be listed in the order of the official track listing.

So to start us off we have Tyler Carter from Issues with Luke Holland from The Word Alive. These two did a cover the upbeat pop ballad from Paramore, called Ain’t It Fun. They stuck to the upbeat part and you are defiantly going to be bobbing you head along to it, or belting the lyrics out with Tyler. They stuck to beat that went perfectly with the song and they went with it and took it to a different level. I defiantly won’t be going crying to my mama about this cover. (Haha. See what I did there…)

Secondly, we have August Burns Red with their cover of the infamous Wreaking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Now this one starts off slightly different in sound as the original, but I really have no complaints about that. Now unlike the first track, (and this often happens, and again…i’m not complaining,) has unclean vocals, not clear ones. This goes along with the style of August Burns Red, so they stick to their passion. For someone who isn’t into unclean vocals, you may or may not like this cover of the very emotional pop song, but for those of us who do like unclean, like before, you may or may not like this. Although it is a very well done version.

In our third spot, We Came As Romans come in with a cover of Taylor Swifts’, I Knew You Were Trouble. Now for anyone who ever got the experience to hear the version of the original song mixed with the goats, it’s probably very hard to listen to the song without that certain goat at that certain part. Unfortunately, that goat is not in this version, or well I guess fortunately, but the goat is replaced with a ‘quiet’ unclean part…Anyways, the original beat of the song comes back, and the lyrics come back into your brain. Now in this song we keep with clean vocals for the most part of the song, and we get a heavier electric guitar. Another great take on a pop song on a PGP album.

Upon A Burning Body is asking what it is that they are turning down for for. (I know that, that joke may have sucked…). They are doing a cover of DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s hip-hop/pop song Turn Down For What. With them on this song is the one and only Ice T. This is another very good example of an unclean vocalist doing a cover of a song about being in a club and popping bottles, and in this case turning down. Now as much as this is a great cover, I can not figure out whether I should laugh, or take it seriously. It’s a great cover but there is just someone about screaming while talking about being at a club…

So here we have Set It Off doing a cover of Ariana Grande (featuring Iggy Azalea) song Problem. Now for the most part of the song the band keeps with the original old school pop beat, but during the bridge and the ending they bring in the more side of rock and some unclean/screaming. Overall great version of this popular pop tune.

Up next we got a cover by Crown The Empire. They are doing a very emotional version of Elle Goulding’s Burn. I’m not saying her’s wasn’t emotional, I just find that CTE did a beautiful job of bring the emotion through the vocals and the beat. When I first heard this song, I listened to it with my eyes closed and ended up just letting my head sway. They sure let this song burn with emotion and passion.

Drunk In Love is originally done by the ‘queen’ herself Beyoncé featuring her hubby Jay-Z. Now we get a version done by Oceans Ate Alaska. Starts off with the original background and clean vocals. We then move into a heavier sound with the much anticipated unclean vocals. When it comes to the chorus, you hear the United Kingdom accent come out with the clean vocals. Again, I know that the song is about having sex, but still hearing someone scream about it, just makes the song almost ten times better. It is an interesting cover that was well done.

Youth In Revolt takes on Lorde’s Royals on the eight track of the album. Starting off with a similar sound to the orginal, YIR keeps a true feeling to the song adding in additional raw voices in the background. The beat of the song speeds up towards the second chorus and then slows back with the original beat, leading into the touch of screaming that appears. They sure ruled this cover.

Next up, we have VOLUMES doing a cover of the very popular Drake song Hold On We’re Going Home. VOLUMES keeps with the slow pace at the start of the song. Moving into a mix of clean and unclean vocals and heavier guitar in the choruses. This cover is a very well done version of turning pop feeling into a more pop rock feeling.

Chocolate is the tenth song on the album. This cover is done by Knuckle Puck. This song is originally done by the band The 1975. The cover starts off with a close to the original sound, moving into raw sounding vocals. No matter who is doing a cover of this song, it still makes you move along with the beat. Another great version of pop to punk.

The widely popular song Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood is now being done by Slaves. Keeping with the moving beat and swaying vocals, the song keeps a lot to the original. There of course is an originality to the take on this song that makes it interesting. We get some heavier beat into the second chorus with the backing vocals. The cover stuck a lot to the original sounds and threw in their own take on certain parts.

The 12th track of the album is State Champs doing a cover of Stay The Night by Zedd featuring Haley Williams. The beat is close to the original but the main focus is on the vocals. Again we get a bit of a raw voice at some of the notes that just add to the effect. Like most covers, the band has added in their own little tweaks and changes that they feel will fit better for them, and the added changes are an added bonus.

The final track is a cover of Happy by Palisades, originally done by Pharrell Williams. Now I don’t know if it is because this song was really over played this summer, or something else, but I am personally kinda over its initial effect. With that being said Palisades, did an interesting change to the beat and made this song different from the original and now I can listen to this song without getting bored. The added heavier guitars, electric-type beat, unclean backing vocals and new lyrics, gave the track a new face.

Overall this is another great album put out by Fearless records and has some amazing takes on some of the most popular songs out there today.

Here is the link to the official track listing on Fearless Records official Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBWlr67U5NuZsuuSGC1FMhjOElIT1K7t (There are also a few of Jarrod Alonge’s videos on there. You should check him out. He’s awesome!)

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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