Jennifer Lawrence – The Hanging Tree (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1)

Okay. So first off…I know that this is a soundtrack song, and that the song was written originally for the book Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, but i’m sure anyone who has heard the song or seen the new ‘Hunger Games’ movie ‘Mockingjay Part 1’ will agree with me when I say that Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job with this song.

Now I usually only give the link to the audio at the end of my reviews, but I think that for this one, it might be better for you to listen to the song first before I review it. Or not it is really all up to you.

Anyway here is the link:

So this song not only sounds great and has this weird ability to give me goosebumps, (am I the only one?), but its has this crazy amazing disturbing topic.

The song repeats the lines, “Are you, are you / Coming to the tree,” ( & “Strange things did happen here / No stranger would it be / If we met at midnight / In the hanging tree,” (

The song is about two people, who (i’m guessing) are in trouble or wanted, and the one told the other to run and they could both be free, but now they will be wearing rope necklaces together at midnight in the hanging tree, where people have been hung before for what has said to be their crimes. “They strung up a man / They say who murdered three,” (, “Where dead man called out / For his love to flee,” (, “Where I told you to run, / So we’d both be free,” (, In the book, the lyric is, “Wear a necklace of rope, / Side by side with me,” ( But in the movie, they changed it to “Wear a necklace of hope,”.

It is an amazing song written for the novel and works wonders for the story, but it is also an awesome song that talks a lot about different topics that I am sure I could get into, but this really is not my place to say those certain topics. But really well done and congrats to Jennifer for getting herself out into the music world.

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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