Blake Shelton – Ten Times Crazier

Country heartthrob Blake Shelton has got me slightly obsessed with his song Ten Times Crazier of the 2013 album Based On A True Story.

This upbeat country tune has a lot of pep to it. The fast paced beat just adds to the feel of the topic, and as it is a country song, there is those almost stereotypical country things like “Well I’m crazy about fast cars, football and guitars / All them old country songs Daddy used to play / I’m crazy about Friday nights, cold beer and good times / Crazy about a summer day out on the lake,” ( main thing about this song is about a guy who is in love with a girl and he is crazy about her, “I’d do about anything you ask me to / I’m just plain crazy bout a lot of things baby / But I’m ten times crazier about you,” ( He later goes on to say that he would ditch his friends for his girl, “Well I’m all about a weekend, kickin’ with my good friends / Every now and then I like to make a little noise / But don’t you go thinkin’ that I won’t leave them hanging / Cause even though I’m crazy about them good ol’ boys,” (

This cute county love song is very fast and happy, and brings a fun atmosphere into the idea of being in love so much that you are actually crazy about that person.

Wanna listen to it for yourself? Here’s the official audio on youtube!

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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