Taylor Swift – Blank Space (Single)

The beloved (sometimes not), country/pop sweetheart Taylor Swift has shocked the music world with taking a totally different turn with her new album. Now some people love this new sound, some hate it, and myself, well, i’m still unsure about it. But I’m going to talk specifically about her latest single, Blank Space. Blank Space is the second single from Taylor’s fifth studio album, 1989. This song is different from what we used to see of Taylor Swift. Here’s what I mean.

After the first single Shake It Off was released, everyone could tell that Taylor Swift was taking a different route with her music. There is nothing wrong with this, just that there was a bit of a shock factor to this sudden change. Now we did see her getting into the pop genre more in the third and fourth studio albums, but we did not see this sudden change. While the song has a very upbeat and happy sound, the song is talking about a girl who gets into relationships, and once they are over, her ex’s will call her insane, due to how the relationship went. The lyrics also highlight that love is a game, and that this girl loves the players, “So it’s gonna be forever / Or it’s gonna go down in flames / You can tell me when it’s over / If the high was worth the pain / Got a long list of ex-lovers / They’ll tell you I’m insane / ‘Cause you know I love the players / And you love the game,” (azlyrics.com).

The song later turns to talk about how these relationships seem to end, “Wait, the worst is yet to come, oh no / Screaming, crying, perfect storms / I can make all the tables turn / Rose garden filled with thorns / Keep you second guessing like / “‘Oh my God, who is she?”’ / I get drunk on jealousy,” (azlyrics.com). So from what we hear, this is defiantly a song about how a girls relationships go and then what is said after them.

Now from what we have seen from the two singles from this album, Taylor Swift is defiantly focusing on what is said about her in the media or what people expect. She is taking a different turn with this album and it seems to be doing well for her. No matter what I think about this change in genre, Taylor is still doing great at writing her music and doing what she loves.

If you wanna go and check out the song for yourself, heres the link to the official music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ORhEE9VVg

Rock On!

Alyssa (Rolling Music Reviews)


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