So this is my very first post on my long awaited blog. Yes I know that this is the free version and it could have taken me a whole lot less time to make this, but I didn’t and now I have.

You might be wondering what it is that I will be posting on here. Well thats a great question. To be completely honest, I know for a fact that this will be a music review blog (and I hope that you figured that out too. If not, it is totally fine. No judgement). Now for the genre of the music…that I can not guarantee that I will cover every genre nor cover every new album from every genre. I will try to cover every genre that I can. Although I may not listen to every new album that comes out, (as much as I love music and I listen to it almost 24/7…I just do not have time to cover everything). I may not even cover new albums. I may do some older ones, new ones. I really do not know. But I can guarantee that I will be doing music reviews.

I am also not going to sit here and tell you that I am an expert on music reviews or that I even have any credentials to be trying to act like I am an expert. But I can tell you that I will try as this is something that I am very passionate about and that I am very much looking into to follow through for my future.

I really do hope that you will enjoy this blog that I have started here and that you get something out of what I post. Even if it is just an opinion of someone who loves music. I am hoping to post at least one review a week and then gradually move up to a larger amount later on.

Rock On!

Alyssa (RollingMusicReviews)


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